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Channelled words of wisdom, healing and light activation from Archangel Michael, Masters, star beings, other loving archangels and beings of light.

These publications form The Angels School in Denmark helps you co create with beings of light in the most powerful way to awaken a new galactic consciousness of light on Earth. The galactic wisdom oracle cards and the book: "Becoming a Master" activates the part of your DNA, that resonates with the source of light and love.

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Oracle cards

GALACTIC WISDOM” is a powerful guidance and light portal card deck with activations from archangels, masters and star beings

Guided healing

Receive guided healing and light activation from archangels, masters and star beings. They will bring you light and soul awakening.


 “BECOMING A MASTER” is a channelled book for every one, who wants to experience the great unexplored potential of their soul.


  • Audiobook: Becoming a Master

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  • BECOMING A MASTER - A book by The Angel School

    Paperback: Becoming a Master

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  • Galactic Wisdom, oracle card deck with guidebook

    Card Deck: Galactic wisdom

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We are...

We are Line Rune Balling and Louise Sofia Rørbech from Denmark. Together we have founded The Angel School and Angel School Publishing.  We want to help you unfold the full potential of your soul, so you can spread even more light in yourself and thereby in others.

We channel and heal with the archangels, masters and star beings. These high-vibrating energies help you, and the earth’s ascension to light, love, and oneness.

Maybe you already feel like a lightworker, maybe you feel more like a beginner in the field of light beings. We have offers for everyone who wants to receive channeled wisdom, healing and get more in touch with the angels, masters and star beings.

Welcome to The Angel School Shop.

Loving angel hugs 🤍

Line and Louise