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BECOMING A MASTER - A book by The Angel School


Your Soul's Potential and Galactic Consciousness

The information in this book has been channelled. The book will enable you to establish a very close connection with your own soul, angels, ascended masters and a multitude of loving star beings. Your spiritual development will then become a matter between you and them – without the need for any intermediaries. You will be amazed at how natural this connection is.

What to expect from the book

The energy in the book will give you an energy boost. The book is full of light activation for you and your energy body. When you sit with the book in your hands, and when you read it, you will be embarking on a journey into your master energy and your vast potential as a lightworker on earth.

BECOMING A MASTER is multi-layered. You will be able to read it and use it regardless of how much or how little experience you have with angels, masters and star energies. Throughout the book, there are exercises and suggestions on how you can raise your energy, increase the amount of light entering your body, and activate YOUR unique master energy.

It has 260 pages and 22 images.

A channelled book

You and all other people have a soul and a soul consciousness. Most people, however, are connected to only a small part of their soul without benefiting from the great potential of the soul’s master energy and your galactic awareness.

BECOMING A MASTER is a channelled book for all curious-minded souls that are on a spiritual search and want to experience the great unexplored potential of their soul.
The book will help you to achieve this by showing you how easy it is for you to connect with angels, archangels, masters and star energies that are available to all of us.
Throughout the book, there are exercises and suggestions on how you can raise your energy, increase the amount of light entering your body, and activate YOUR unique master energy. An energy which is an extension of your soul and a consciousness that is even greater than you could possibly imagine.

A clip from the audio book - narrated by Madeline Star

About the authors

We are Line Rune Balling and Louise Sofia Roerbech. Together we have founded The Angel School . We want to help you unfold the full potential of your soul so you can spread even more light in yourself and thereby in others.

We channel and heal with the archangels, masters, star beings. These high-vibrating energies help you, and the earth’s ascension to light, love, and oneness.

We are the authors of the book: BECOMING A MASTER and the channeled angel card deck: GALACTIC WISDOM

The story behind BECOMING A MASTER

We sat down and opened a portal with angels, masters and star energies, with the intention of writing a channelled book with them and about them – FOR YOU. We just felt that there was a book in the making. We could almost see it before us. A beautiful, enlightening book, filled with high-vibrational energy.

The project evolved into numerous channelling encounters with these beautiful, luminous and high-vibrating energies. Our meetings and channellings were recorded and transcribed, and we also worked closely with artist and illustrator Jessica Tumminello. The fruit of this collaboration was a beautiful and richly illustrated book (with 22 images) with messages for us humans from, in particular, Archangel Michael, the goddess Sophia, the ascended masters Jesus Christ, Sanat Kumara and Melchizedek and star beings from the Pleiades and Arcturus star clusters

The artist

BECOMING A MASTER is beautifully illustrated by the intuitive artist and illustrator Jessica Tumminello.

Jessica lives in Germany and works digitally. In the images, light language and energetic codes are added, which makes each image a portal for galactic energy.

You can follow Jessica´s art work on instagram right HERE.

We just have to share this book review with you. Thank you so much Sandra!

“This book found me.

It came to me, carried along on the highway of energetic attraction, and the minute I saw the front page in an add on Facebook I felt my energetic field respond, like a strong tug and pull in my stomach (the navel chakra), a pulsing in my third eye and crown and a curiosity and an excitement, that sent me on an immediate treasure hunt on how to get my hands on the book, that led me to their homepage (…)

The excitement and the resonance with the book and the authors I felt was immediate, strong, and it has only grown stronger, as Ive been reading the book, taking it all in, as well as watched some of their videos and other content.

And for me it wasn’t just a strong energetic resonance; some of the explanations and visuals in the book even depicted dreams or experiences I’ve had in a meditative state, myself! The synchronicity and wonder of coming upon passages that closely depict my own personal experiences or visuals, was a powerful underlining and confirmation of how the energy flows between us, intersecting timelines in a concurrent Now-moment, how being on the same wavelength can connect us with people we don’t know, as well as energetic beings and knowledge and wisdom beyond the physical realm.

To me that is magic.

To me that is a gift. (…)

I am so super grateful for this book and for the work and cooperation and co-creation that has birthed it into existence.

It has easily made it onto my favorite shelf, and I will surely be rereading (in) it, as it has also made its way into my heart and connected deeply with my soul”




Audiobook + angel healing as mp3 file for download
  • Listen to 6 h. and 43 m. of uplifting insights
  • 1 audio angel healing
  • Easy to download as Mp3


Paperback + beautiful bonus card with affirmation
  • 260 pages including 22 beautiful illustrations
  • A book with activating energy
  • 1 affirmation card picked just for you

Audiobook + Paperback

Audiobook + paperback + bonus card with affirmation + 1 audio angel healing
  • You can hold the book in your hand, and see the beautifull illustrations
  • You can relaxe and listen to the book as a podcast
  • 1 audio angel healing as mp3 for download
  • You get 7 Euro in discount


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