The Angel School

We are Line Rune Balling and Louise Sofia Rørbech. Together we have founded The Angel School. We want to help you unfold the full potential of your soul so you can spread even more light in yourself and thereby in others.

We channel and heal with the archangels, masters, star beings. These high-vibrating energies help you, and the earth’s ascension to light, love, and oneness.

Maybe you already feel like a lightworker, maybe you feel more like a beginner. We have offers for everyone who wants to receive channeled healing and get more in touch with the angels, masters and star beings.

We have a 250-hour healer education, and we do a lot of online activities, do lectures around Denmark, offer an angel club membership and 1: 1 sessions etc.

We are the authors of the book:

and the channelled card deck:

We are also organizing a
Nordic Angel Congress in Denmark.

It’s the 7th of October 2023 in Musikkens Hus, Aalborg.

You can follow us in English on our Instagram.

Welcome to The Angel School and Angel School Publishing Shop.

Angel hugs from
Line og Louise

Authors, spiritual teachers, and founders og The Angels School and Angel School Publishing

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